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On my present & our future

What a long, chaotic year it's been! I've encountered my fair share of struggles (having to part from you being a big one), but I've also been very lucky to be able to self-isolate and stay safe. I've immersed myself in solitary activities such as meditating and yoga, finding peace and joy in everyday ordinary things. I've kept it simple over the past year, indulging in hikes with my dogs and long-forgotten hobbies such as painting. I've been blessed, I've been happy, I've made it work.

But our future... I can almost taste it. Meeting with you at my lovely new incall (!) or at a beautiful hotel of your choice. Getting to know you over a good steak, strolling downtown afterwards. Is it too forward to say I miss everything about us? I miss the shyness, I miss the fumbling infused with anticipation. I miss how well some of you know me, I miss making new friends. I want you. I want you. I want you. I miss you fiercely, no ifs and's or buts about it.

So what will our future look like? Well, I will be back as soon as I'm adequately vaccinated and I have my gorgeous new incall set up. As y'all know I am forever busy with school and my various vanilla endeavors, and so I will be responding only to kind requests that are forthcoming with screening information. This past year has really taught me how sacred my time is, and I believe yours is too. So in case you forgot: I'm Chloe Darling. I believe in sweet, mutually delicious encounters. I'm silly and sensual and here for you. I promise you only have to wait a little bit longer!

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