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On Austin date ideas... (hint hint!)

Y'all know food is the #1 way to my heart, but there are plenty more activities to enjoy on dates!

Here are some activities I've adored sharing with a sweetheart in the past, or would love to try out for the first time:

- Comedy shows! I love to laugh and find it's such an intimate, easy way to connect with someone.

- Museums! I find history and art both very fascinating, and would love strolling hand in hand and discussing the wonders around us.

- The spa! Let's get an ultra relaxing couples massage, what a wonderful way to pamper us both. Physical touch is my #1 love language so this one makes for a veeeery happy Chloe!

- Music shows! There's always a million shows going on in Austin, let's pick one and enjoy! I adore the energy and electricity of live shows, and am a big-time dancer. I'm open to all sorts of music, from classical to metal... show me what you're passionate about!

- Golfing! I'm still an amateur, but enjoy both Top Golf and Peter Pan Mini-Golf. Let's work on our game together or just see how terribly we can do, it's great fun either way.

- Hiking! Let's go say hi to each and every dog at Lady Bird Lake, and take in the gorgeous views. I'm a super active person and I'll like you SO so much if you help me get a whole bunch of steps on my FitBit ;)

- Bowling! A college staple. It's such a relaxed, fun, and active way to get to know someone. I'm a big fan of cute, casual dates such as these. You don't have to spend a ton of money to create a wonderful, carefree mood in which to get closer to someone!

- Arcades! I'm thinking Pinballz and Dave & Buster's, timeless classics. I told you I love light, active dates - anything that gets us laughing and playing and relaxed is golden in my book.

- Movies! I love the cinema and see a ton of movies, why not join me one of these days? It's such a classic date idea and for good reason, it's a lovely shared experience & gives us lots to talk/debate about after! My absolute favorites are horror movies - give me a reason to snuggle up to you real close ;)

- Festivals! Food, music, and dancing, what's not to love! Austin has so many different kinds of festivals going on year-round, and I'd love to attend one with you.

- Escape Game/rooms! How much fun are these?! You really get to know someone when you're trying to solve a puzzle together, and there's so many laughs to be had too. This is something I really enjoy with friends and on dates too.

Other dates I really enjoy: roller-skating at Playland, ghost tours, dance lessons, yoga, Longhorns games, plays + musicals, rock-climbing & bouldering, trampoline parks, go-karting.

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