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On costumes

How much fun are they?! They're sexy, silly, and add such a fun twist... right up my alley. Getting all dressed up always feels like an adventure, like stepping into different, more whimsical and sexy world. If you've been following me on Twitter, you know that I love costumes and have a whole bunch in my ever-expanding personal collection. School girl, French maid, kitten, princess, cheerleader, Wonder Woman, which one should I model for you first? I also love being gifted costumes, it's such a delightful surprise. Bring me something you're curious about and let's put on a show - I love the glamour and excitement of stepping into a new persona, and being a charming little minx in a whole new way.

I've always enjoyed role-playing, whether it's acting in plays (I will have to write sometime about my enduring love for the stage, any stage) or the weekly D&D campaign I'm part of. I find role-playing works best when it's low-pressure, when there's room to be silly and light-hearted and camp. That suits me best, trying on a new character while still being my goofy self - I'm a big-time giggler, joker, and tease, and I can't just put that away! When role-playing I'm a big fan of simple plotlines and casually seeing what the costume sparks up in us - there's some structure to it at all, but it's so important to allow for spontaneity - the whimsical nature of it all kinda demands it!

Let's get all dressed up and maximize the fantasy, shall we?

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