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On date ideas that excite me

So you know you wanna snuggle up to me, but you're looking for some good date ideas for the "before"? Three+ hour dates happen to be my very favorite. I love having ample time to get to know each other, and to truly become comfortable in each other's presence. Here are some places I find mysef in time and time again, and that I would would very much like to explore with you:

  • Comedy shows! Stand-up, improv, I love it all. I live to laugh and have found that it's such a wonderful way to bond with someone. Comedy seems to connect people like no other, it's such a special and rare thing. What makes you laugh?

  • Museums! Whether it's art or history, I'm endlessly fascinated. Austin has quite a bevvy of beautiful museums for us to check out, my personal favorite being the Blanton. I'd love to walk hand in hand with you as we take in all of the beauty and wonder around us.

  • Town Lake! I love keeping active and can think of no better place to saunted, once again hand in hand (of course! Is it obvious that physical touch is my love language?!) The water is so lovely and the trails themselves are glorious - lets frolic among our fellow Austinites and even stop to pet a pup or two! (Ok, it will be more than two!)

  • Volunteering! Whether it's walking some sweet doggos through Austin Pets Alive or helping out at the local food bank, it would mean the world to me if we became acquainted while being of service to others! I try to volunteer and give back to my community as often as I can, and it would be my pleasure to include some warm glances and stolen kisses in with that!

  • Restaurants! There's always the classic steakhouse, or we could go somewhere a bit more quirky and out there like Cidercade. I'm such a foodie, and love meeting someone over a good meal. It's such a fantastic way to let our guard down, and get to know each other on a deeper level.

  • The zoo! You know I love animals, and Austin's zoos are very humane and well-credited (I've done the research!) I will honestly like you the mostest if you take me here. *Hint hint*

I've greatly enjoyed all of these ideas in the past, but I'm totally open to something new, as well. What I long for most is to develop memories with you that I know I'll always cherish. And taking the time to spend with me and get to know me? That means the most. Because after all, I wanna be your girl.

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