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On my athleticism

I've always been sporty, quick, and strong. Volleyball and soccer have been my most enduring loves, but I've also had a steady relationship with weight-lifting and sprinting. I've been hooked on the endorphins and zen state being active gives you for a while now - I've always been part of some team that regularly meets up, and I continually make time for physically activity throughout my busy days.

A fun fact about Chloe: I can't sit still! Unless you cuddle me really good. Like really, really good. I take meticulously good care of myself and my health, and that results in an abundance of energy. So I'm always down to go rock-climbing or swimming, I'm that active buddy that doesn't mind sweating or having the very most sore legs the next day. Being active makes me feel so confident and satisfied, it's a really special and unique feeling.

Lately I've gotten more into more relaxing forms of exercise, namely yoga (although hot yoga is still fairly brutal!) I will always cherish the adrenaline of team sports, but as I expand on my mindfulness practice, I find that slower, more deliberate movement can be just as powerful. Using my body makes me feel strong and alive and connected to everything, and these feelings will always be a fundamental part of me.

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