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On my favorite restaurants

I'm paleo, which means I don't eat refined carbs. But more importantly, it means I adore steak, salmon, oysters, truffle butter... there's so much good stuff out there! What "paleo" mostly means is Italian restaurants aren't that great for me, but there are so many other options!

First off, steak. My one true love. Eddie V's Prime Seafood has my favorite steak, and it's such a beautiful restaurant. I have an amazing experience everytime I go here! Some other steakhouses I adore here in Austin are Fleming's, Bob's Steak and Chophouse, and The Capital Grille. Steak is always my #1 choice for dining out, and I'd love to take you to one of my favorite steakhouses.

But maybe you prefer seafood! Lets get some oysters (you know the Canadian ones are the best), or go for something I could eat everyday - sushi! Here in Austin I love Uchiko, Truluck's, and Perla's. All of these restaurants are in such a beautiful, walkable part of town that lends itself to a lovely post-meal stroll as well. I find food from different parts of the country or different countries altogether lends itself to all sorts of interesting dinner talk as well - lets talk about our travels!

All of this said, I'm very enthusiastic and open to trying out new restaurants as well! It's always exciting to scope out a new place together, and my taste is diverse - I love Indian cuisine, soul, Thai, Mediterranean, Korean, German, and Caribbean! Are you a big fan of something I haven't mentioned? Then please feel free to introduce me to it! No matter what, the way to Chloe's heart is through her stomach, so go right ahead.

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