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On my love of animals

If you spend any amount of time with me you're going to hear about my passionate love for animals, my doggos in particular. They're two lovely, ultra energetic balls of goofiness and my life would simply be incomplete without them.

They're been with me through thick and thin and it's safe to say that I woudn't be the person I am today without them.

They've consistently encouraged me to be ever more outgoing and to explore this beautiful city of ours. It seems like everywhere in Austin is dog-friendly, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Whether it's a trail on the greenbelt or a great new restaurant, if I can bring them along, it's happening!

If you've ventured throughout my site you'll find that I welcome donations to 'Austin Pets Alive.' That's where I adopted my pups from, and where I can frequently be found volunteering. It always warms my heart right up when a sweetheart makes a donation in my name - it's so meaningful to me that you care about the causes I care about.

I try to do my best to donate my time and money to the conservation and protection of animals, and that's where I'd like to point a bit of your attention, too. Animals - those wild and those that can be found in our homes - add so much to one's life and it's always time to give back and show them a little love.

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