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On my positive attitude

You might have noticed that I'm just a teensy bit bubbly! Make no mistake, I am fiercely idealistic and a dreamer to my very core. It's such an essential part of me, my cheery attitude. I honestly don't know where I would be without it. It keeps me going when thing get tough - I am confident in the knowledge that soon enough, things will be right as rain again. That is where the center of Chloe lies: in the strong belief that it's all going to be okay, after all.

I haven't always had such a positive disposition. Like everyone else I've had my share of struggles and pain, and then some. But it was actually a different kind of SW - dancing - that first totally changed my attitude. I don't know what it is about SW exactly that makes me the very best version of myself, but I'm super grateful for it. I know that I wouldn't be the confident, assertive, and brave girl I am today without it. I wouldn't radiate sunshine, and you wouldn't get to feel it.

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