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On the little things being what matters

It's a truism, but truisms are true. It's all of the little things that make being your companion such a delight. Whether we're sneaking in a quickie at lunch or having a four course meal at my favorite steakhouse, I feel so valued and cherished when I'm with you. I feel safe and comfortable and endlessly grateful for all of the kind and generous men in my life.

Here's to all of the cuddles and kisses and pillow talk, the hands held in bed and the big goodbye hugs. All of the jokes shared, the hours of laughter. Here's to all of the secrets discussed, the special plans made just for two. Here's to melting into each other again and again - here's to it, us, getting better every time.

Here's to the way you look at me, like I'm the only girl in the world. Here's to how vulnerable and truthful we can be with each other. Here's to understanding each other and giving each other space to be our own unique selves. Here's to how sexy and sensual we can be together. Here's to bright eyes and even brighter smiles. Here's to us: in every color and every shade.

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