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On why I blog

I've created this lil blog as a way for potential and acquainted sweethearts alike to get a better idea of what I'm about - my loves and not-so-loves, and everything in between. I aim for them to have more substance than length, and I feel like they are an accurate glimpse into your favorite girlfriend's inner world.

I feel they reflect my lifelong focus on making new connections, exploring other people's rich inner worlds, as well as my own. Some connections may be purely physical (like sunshine and lighting is), while some are more layered (like a good book), but I strive to find the value in them all. And so I'm concerned with curating aesthetically and emotionally brilliant experiences, something lovely to remember.

A word of caution: I am perhaps much, much goofier than these blogs tend to be, but you're gonna have to delight in that when you come over! For some reason my writerly voice is much more elegant - I thoroughly blame school for this one.

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I enjoy writing them 🖤

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