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On why we should totally go on a volunteering date

Because there's nothing sweeter than helping others. Because nothing feels quite as amazing as making a difference. Whether we're sorting groceries at the food bank or taking some pups out for a walk at Austin Pets Alive, we should be there. These types of dates have been some of my very favorite to go on! It means so much to me to have you take an interest in my charitable interests. It shows me that you truly care about what is important to me - reaching out and doing what I can to create a better world. And getting to do this together? How extra awesome is that?

So maybe this will be how we'll get to know each other: casually, in an environment of positivity and hope. I can't wait to see where the impulse to do good takes us - I'm certain that we're bound to end up somewhere magical! After all, we're starting off with the best intentions. I know that it feels like the more I give, the more I receive back. I believe in this sort of karma, don't you? So lets take advantage of it and see how much good we can do together!

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