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On coziness 101

I'm all about the cooler weather, the sweaters, the candles, the tea... but there's a little bit more to coziness. These conditions and props certainly help, and I'm a big fan. But I'm all about that year-round cozy.

I'd like to greet you with a big smile, an enthusiastic "how are you?!" and an even bigger hug. I adore great big bear hugs, hugging-like-you-mean-it hugs. The sweethearts I see regularly can attest to how exponentially koala-like I get. I love to be close, to really feel you. I crave that closeness and warmth just as much as you do.

Then I'd like to take my time getting to know you, or re-acquainting myself. I am gentle, purposeful, and passionate. Certainly bubbly and full of energy, but all about the more quiet comforts too... snuggling is my favorite, but the thing is everything we do can feel snuggly

if we feel comfortable enough!

And my ability to make people feel comfortable is one of my favorite things about myself. I'm an active listener, a big believer in asking questions, and very much attentive to how my sweetheart is feeling. I want both of us to have that relaxed, happy, lounging in the midday sun kind of feeling. That's my goal.

Who wants to get cozy?

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