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About: Inner_about

Chloe Darling, professional sweetheart here!

Let me be your hot friend. 

Only a text away, a sidekick so cheeky and adventurous. A clever Austin babe to joke and fool around with, all fun and no games. Someone sweet and discreet and very much fun to eat.
Shall I kick off my cowgirl boots?

Let’s shake off tradition for freedom, put on some R&B slow jams and experiment… what not-so-guilty pleasures are we gonna end up with?
Big hugs, stolen kisses, the way you look at me all wild when I’m in my jean shorts... I’m your ponytail-rocking, cherry lip balm-tasting girl-next-door. So do you wanna come over and see my tan lines? 
But then again, maybe you prefer that summer romance, first love type of sugar?
A warm hand fitting just right in yours, lingering embraces, cuddles at your place or mine… feeling like lovers in a quirky indie movie, or a lovey-dovey country song.
What’s your hometown, did you know I grew up in a frozen wonderland? I’d get all dolled up to go somewhere fancy with you, or dressed-down for a delicious home-cooked meal. What do you like?
You can bring me chocolate and roses, and I’ll share my favorite books with you. I’ll hold you in my special soft way as we sink into a candle-lit, vanilla glow.  I’ll be your sweetheart, confidant, and inspiration, but above all, I’ll be your girl.


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