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On the girl next door vs. the glamazon

I can do both. Do you want me simple and sweet and fun to eat? I can get you there. Or maybe you want me dressed to kill, make no mistake about it. That's fun too. I can show up with a slicked-back ponytail and a little strawberry-scented lip gloss on, or falsies and thigh highs. I can be adorable in my jean shorts and a plain white tee that hugs my body just right, or I can leave you with your jaw on the floor when I step out in my foolproof gets-'em-everytime little black dress.

Do you wanna take me to the movies and a little cafe you know downtown, or to a fancy steakhouse? I like both. It's all up to you which version of Chloe gets your heart racing the most - just let me know, and I'll turn her on. So whether you want a sweet and light time with the girl next door, or something hot and heavy with the glamazon, I'm here for you.

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