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On Valentine's Day

I don't care if it's a commercialized spectacle, I love me some Valentine's Day! And I think you should spoil me, for god's sake. I want the whole deal - the teddy bear, the roses, and of course the box of chocolates. I'm just such a big fan of gestures, and Valentine's happens to be the perfect day to show your favorite friend some appreciation! I know I look forward to the myriad of ways my sweethearts surprise me every year!

I've had some pretty sweet Valentine's days myself. Thoughtful cards, handwritten poems, lovely jewelry. Love is about more than gifts, but gifts can be such a tender and meaningful way to express yourself in. They are one of the love languages, after all! I've also loved receiving scented candles and a cheese club membership, something y'all know I love dearly! I suppose overall it really is the thought that matters: and spoiling someone rotten is such a sweet thing to do. I certainly don't mind it!

What do you want for Valentine's Day, besides me?

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