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On love languages

The love language system (which can be found on is one of my favorite ways to better understand and appreciate my special someone(s). It can also be a wonderful way to strengthen communication and listening in general, something you can't have too much of!

My love language is physical touch. I'm such a sucker for cuddling, holding hands, piggy-back rides... you get the picture! Learning what my preferred manner to give and receive love is has been illuminating. I'm much better able to articulate what my needs and desires are, and in turn have had stronger and more satisfying relationships.

Learning about all 5 of the love languages (including words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time) has been indispensable in my interactions with others. It is all too easy to give the gift you would want, at the expense of a gesture that would really light someone up. Loving with this system in mind allows you to really look at the person in front of you, and what uniquely makes them happy.

I adore this system because it inspires me to be more creative, more resourceful, and more loving everyday. Romance doesn't have to mean a fancy dinner and roses - as wonderful as that is. Romance can be doing the dishes, it can mean more frequent displays of thankfulness. In my opinion, any system that offers a variety of ways to love is worth looking into!

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