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On my style

I adore fashion and shopping, and have developed a unique and deeply personal style I'm very proud of. The foundation of my style lies in bright, cheerful colors, and similarly lively fabrics. Neon, fluorescent, iridescent are some of my favorite words! Anything shimmery and shiny and full of life is sure to capture my eye. Brilliant colors always inspire a burst of energy in me - who doesn't feel a little bit more vibrant and sassy in hot pink? Prints are lovely as well: florals, stripes, fun geometrics. My passion for miminalism keeps it all from becoming too twee, and anchors my style in the carefree, naturally sexy realm of comfy girl-next-door.

I'm a very busy and active girl, and so I tend to prefer an effortless, casual look: featuring staples such as front-tie tops, jean shorts, polka-dot sundresses, and great big sunhats. But I am a fan of sweet, simple little details as well: bows, lace, and frills, fun little embellishments here and there. I strive to be comfortable but cute, what with my love of impromptu hikes and trips down to the lake. I don't do fussy or uncomfortable - that doesn't make me feel sexy. I love clothes that are romantic, fabrics that say "touch me," outfits that are warm and inviting and full of cheer.

In keeping with my penchant for the light and breezy, I wear minimal makeup and keep my hair natural. I've long embraced my wild, wavy blonde hair, and am committed to keeping it untamed. I love my beach hair, my summertime-camp-crush hair. I love how it reminds me of the ocean and tangles of wildflowers in nature, and best of all I love that I'm comfortable just letting it be: just being me. For that reason alone, as much as I love a red lip and will wear it occasionally, I prefer the "no-makeup" look: a light tinted moisturizer, some mascara, a bit of lip balm. This simple routine makes me feel beautiful, but still like myself.

Why is style important? Because the components that comprise it say a lot about our personality, our values, our lifestyle. My style says that I'm a bubbly, energetic woman, always longing for the next outdoor adventure. I like a good messy bun, or some bubblegum pink lipstick and nothing else on. My style says that I'm fresh-faced, unpretentious, and more interested in simple kindness than anything else. Cut-off short shorts are Chloe, plaid shirts that still smell like campfires are Chloe. I think my style is my own version of classic and timeless, and I adore it.

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