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On self-care

Self-care is super important, and one of my favorite and most restorative parts of my day. I'm a very busy woman, and it's easy to get all caught up in the myriad projects I'm juggling - not to mention my active social life! But all of this beautiful chaos is contingent on me staying healthy, and I try not to forget that.

For me self-care looks like: 8 delicious hours of sleep, 3 home-cooked, veggie-rich meals a day, and 30 minutes of exercise incorporated throughout my day. But some of my self-care is much less quantifiable than the number of steps on my Fitbit: some of it is about allowing myself spontaneous naps, moments of tranquility and meditation, and time to simply look up at the clouds. I try not to over-schedule my self-care... after all, feeling free and relaxed is really essential, too.

I try to gently encourage and motivate the people in my life to be more self-caring too. We are often too hard and demanding of ourselves, whether at work or home, and I want my energy and my interactions to be a source of comfort, an invitation to relax with me and to be your true self. I think self-care is above all a form of love, and love is open, understanding, and compassionate.

Self-care might not always look like a decadent face mask and cucumbers on your eyes, but it is always a meaningful choice.

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