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On what I love about making new friends

Figuring out what makes you laugh - I hope it's the same goofy things that make me laugh!

Finding out what you like, what your hobbies are... maybe we can teach each other something new.

I love learning about your pets and sharing how in love I am with mine.

I love foreign accents, travelers, maybe you're even from Toronto like me!

I love discovering how touchy-feely you are, I'm an absolute cuddlebug.

I love hearing your goals and dreams and opening up about mine - we all have so much floating around in our heads, don't we?

I love it when we've just met yet you feel familiar, when our connection is undeniable.

I love being curious about you, exploring, and cherishing you.

I love getting to know you in a non-judgmental space, I love how we embrace each other for who we are.

I love that with respect and kindness we can build trust, and one day become old friends.

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