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On why dinner dates are the way to my heart

I love the anticipation of meeting someone new, of looking over the room to meet your eyes. That moment of recognition, you're the one I'm looking for! I love that first warm hug, taking your hand as we walk to our table...

If you've read a bit about me, you know I love food. I'm an avid cook and appreciator of the culinary arts, and hunger is one of my favorite needs to satisfy. Lets have steaks together, lets order the oysters, lets try some cuisine I'm altogether new to!

Lets linger over sweet, silly, light conversation as we delight our senses... lets give ourselves ample time to get to know each other, to share what lights us up. I'm an endlessly passionate and curious woman, lets teach each other something new. Company is magic, and tender, intimate moments such as these are among my most treasured... lets make time and space for intimacy to grow!

And then, dessert. Always that much sweeter when I've seen a glimpse of your beautiful soul, your unique personality. When you've heard me gush about my enthusiasm for academics, and the latest goofy thing my pup's done. It's always better when we've taken a bit of time to build this comfortable, promising foundation of intimacy.

Will you take me out? 🖤

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