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On my ultimate craving

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Connection, and everything that entails. From the fragile, tentative start: who are we? How do we fit together? What can we say and do to reach out to each other, to touch each other, to leave a beautiful impact? I love this process, the rush and excitement of new beginnings. I have even come to embrace the nerves, the uncertainty. The questions we ask with our words and bodies, the answers breathlessly anticipated.

I crave discovering how we fit together, what we have in common, what makes our hearts beat in sync. Every individual a new adventure, every dalliance its own magnificent journey. I crave becoming more comfortable with each other, feeling each other's warmth more, each other's affection. I long to be close. Close to your happy thoughts and lovely intentions, close to your most authentic and wonderful self.

I crave treasuring the present and I crave cherishing memories, I want to create such powerful ones. Coziness, intimacy, openness, and trust, I need all of these things. And I am very willing to share them, to see what these magical ingredients can lead to. I crave the enchantment of two people coming together to share themselves, gentle and giving and ready to connect.

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