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On 5 years as a companion

Wow has time flown by! I can't believe that it's been 5 years since I've embarked on this amazing, challenging, and absolutely transformative journey. 5 years ago I was nowhere near the woman I am today - it's so humbling to look back at all of my progress and growth, both business-wise and personal.

A lot of you who have met me in person would never guess it, but I used to be quite shy. I identified as more of an introvert, for sure. While I still greatly enjoy quieter pursuits such as reading and writing, being a companion has turned me into such a social butterfly! I have come to love and thrive on meeting new people, and crafting beautiful connections with each one.

Another manner I've changed in has to do with my openness, and my overall attitude. I used to be a bit of a pessmist and a cynic, but all of the generous, kind, and lovely people I've met have changed that. I've seen so much good, and been able to do so much good for others, that it's impossible not to keep the good vibes going. The whole world makes me smile and laugh on the regular, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

However, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. But being a companion has taught me that the hard things are worth it - and that the hard work will pay off. I am no longer afraid to dream big, plan accordingly, and yet remain flexible all at the same time. I'm very willing to go with the flow because it has been proven to me that the universe has magnificent things in store for me - in store for all of us, really.

There are so many things I love about being a companion. From how private, cozy, and comfortable my incall space is. I keep it immaculately clean, but it still has as home-y feeling to instantly relax you. I also love outcalls - the excitement of a new place, one that maybe even has a big fancy tub! I love hugging sweethearts and saying goodbye to a new friend. I love deep connections with people (secrets and all), and more subtle and visceral ones, too. I love being taken care of and how special you have all made me feel.

I plan on being a companion for 5 more years, and I have dreams you're part of. I want to keep refining my incall to make it an ever the more beautiful space to spend time with. I want to keep working on my business to make the whole screening and booking process as easy peasy and pain-free as possible. I want to grind when it comes to the little things, like finding the perfect smudge-proof lipstick. Cause you're worth it. I want to keep working on us.

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