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On creating a romantic space

I like soft, warm lighting, it's all about that inviting glow! This is no time for harsh overhead lighting, or fluorescence of any kind... light has such a big impact on mood and comfort, it's the very first thing I make sure to take care of when it comes to romance! You wanna feel cozy and relaxed, and dimming the lights goes a long way towards getting you there.

Second, I don't like to have any distractions - I like to put my phone away, definitely no TV. We all know about "Netflix and Chill," and I do like to snuggle up with a good movie or a captivating show, but when it's time to get extra snuggly? I don't want my attention divided. I like to be looking at and listening to my sweetheart, as in tune with them as possible. There's always gonna be time to re-watch The Office later!

Third, I like bright, inspiring art, passionate and happy works that inspire me to be my best self. I like art that's cheerful and personal, a quick glimpse into someone's heart. Nothing completes a room like art, and really anchors a romantic feeling. I like for my art to reflect my curious, wild side... big, bold strokes, bursts of color, lovely and utterly carefree. That's very sexy to me!

Following that, plush, comfy bedding is a must - I like heaps of pillows too, they add such a luxurious feel. Soft, silky textures go a long way towards creating the right mood. There's something timelessly romantic about crisp, cool sheets that are just waiting for two lovers to cuddle up on them.

Then there's the music! Subtle, sweet tunes really help me unwind. Whatever genre you prefer, there's always something soft and intimate to play. I prefer longer songs, mellow music that really encourages you to settle in and enjoy the passionate atmosphere, multiplying the coziness without being a distraction.

With the right mindset and ingredients, any space can be romantic!

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