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On gratefulness for being a companion

I'm grateful for all of the affection, sweetness, and appreciation. How it's lit me up from the inside out and made my life so lovely. I'm grateful for how looking through your eyes has made me value myself and my talents more. How I'm better able to recognize excellence in myself and honor it. I'm grateful for all the places I've gotten to go to, and all of the opportunities I've had. So many are unique to this industry, and to being a companion. I wouldn't be me without you. I'm grateful for all of the friendships and special connections I've made, and the wonder of being part of such a transformative industry. This industry tends to attract some of the most giving and fascinating people, on both sides of the equation. I'm grateful for how confident, brave, and bold being a companion has made me - I am proudly myself, in any and all situations. I understand myself, my likes, and dislikes, better, and am able to articulate all of this with the greatest of ease. I am a better friend and lover. I am proficient in all of the different love languages, not just mine - as much fun as physical touch is! I am grateful because I am stronger, and I am infinitely grateful for that strength. I have a thicker skin, and have learned how to roll with the waves. I'm grateful for all the little things too, like the thoughtful compliments and the gifts. Everyone who has made Chloe 'Chloe', you know who you are. I'm grateful for learning new ways to be caring and kind, and new ways to connect. I'm grateful for all of the ups and downs on this beautiful journey, and everything they've taught me. I'm grateful for you.

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