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On moving our bodies together

We get stiff. We get cold, stuck, maybe even a little bit isolated. We lose touch with what makes us glow, what makes our bodies vibrate. It's easy enough in today's hyper-busy world - there's always something else to focus on, something else demanding our attention.

But what if you could give yourself that gift back - the gift of movement? Of butterflies, of electricity. Of a body well-touched and well-cared for. If you could feel your own warmth, all the way down to your toes. What if?

I try to make it a priority, to move my body. And this includes things like plenty of walks with the pup, yoga, and working out. But it also includes quality time with you. Because there are certain ways of being "touched" that we need others for, that we can't quite attain by ourselves.

So don't forget to move, and enjoy, and celebrate your body. You deserve it.

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