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On my body

I know you're drawn to it, my soft and feminine silhouette. My face is carefully blurred in the photos I have for your perusal, and so it's my first impression, the first thing you can really see about me - my body. But I wonder what you can really see - what thousand words do your clever eyes pick up on?

Do these photos show a woman who loves fitness, truly using her body? Do they show my lovingly earned muscles from years of volleyball, yoga, and pilates? Do you see all that? I am so proud of being strong and flexible and limber, and all of the ways that my energy and nimbleness could drive you wild. I am wholly comfortable with my body, and everything it can do for me and my lucky sweethearts.

Furthermore, can you tell that I love hugs? To embrace and be embraced, that is one of my favorite things in the world. I believe that we are made to be adored, and to worship our beings and that of others. I want you to see and worship every part of me, as I see and welcome every part of you. We don't have to be naked to do this, but it sure helps!

I hope you'll get to know my body on a personal level, become familiar with it. After all, the new and novel is very exciting, and I've got sparks aplenty for you, but there's something so beautiful about melting together in true comfort and familiarity. After all, we only get better with time.

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