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On my love of writing

I'm a chatterbox. Ask anyone! I also love to paint, dress in a signature style, and dance. But writing is my first and most enduring love. It's how I express myself most easily - the words flow right out, just right. I'm never self-conscious or unsure of myself when writing, it all feels so natural. Writing and I have been a match made in heaven ever since I first put pen to paper, and it's deeply important to me. There's so much it's given me and allowed me to do, and I know that at my core I am a writer.

So what do I write? Lots of things. I write a lot of papers, some for school, some for pleasure. I write short stories and I write poems. I am particularly focused on themes such as vulnerability, openness, and love. These are facets of the human condition that I meaningfully connect with and wish to explore, to try to understand for myself. I try to create characters that are balanced and flawed and above all, truly human.

And what has writing given me? I believe being a writer has made me a much more curious and inquisitive person. I don't shy away from subject matter that is outside of my comfort zone, and I try to take on new and potentially difficult things with sincerity and grace. I also have a well-developed imagination, and I pride myself on seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Overall, writing is a great big part of my soul and I am forever thankful for this gift.

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1 commentaire

15 déc. 2021

I can 100% relate with this; however, my muse has been music. As much as you love to write, I love to sing and play musical instruments. It''s connected deeply to my soul and my ultimate worship method. I truly understand where you're coming from here.

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