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On my passion for discovery and learning

I don't always love traditional learning through school - its deadlines, heavy workload, and mandatory testing often leave me less than charmed. But I absolutely, with every fiber of my being, adore learning. I've always been an avid reader - I read fast and passionately, desiring to experience as many different worlds and perspectives as I can. I am even more quick to write, to journal and channel feelings into poetry or even fiction.

But it's through other people that I'm able to experience and grow the most.

Curiosity and remaining open-minded is critical to me - I don't want to shut myself off from the possibility of something new and uniquely satisfying. And so I keep my heart and my mind open, and I reach out. I ask questions. I accept and embrace being wrong, as we all are sometimes. I seek truth and beauty, and understand that both of those are ever-changing.

What does that mean for us? I understand that you could be anyone, could show up with any mix of traits. I contain multitudes, why wouldn't y0u? I am ready to observe you with the freshest eyes I can, to let your personality unfold before me. There are so many ways we could connect in - maybe you love to read too, maybe you've loved the loud, character-filled clubs I used to dance in. I've lived so many lives already, and I know you have too.

I certainly learn a lot at school and in my other professional vanilla endeavors. But then there's you. We choose to be vulnerable together, to take a chance. To be open and curious and accept each other as we are, to catch precious glimpses of each others' souls. There's much to discover physically, but the openness, tenderness, and presence that makes the physical so satisfying must start with the mental desire to discover and learn.

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