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On my perfect date

I text you early to confirm. You eagerly reply - you can't wait for our date either. I have butterflies, and am counting down the hours til I see you. We've had this date planned for a little while, and I've really been looking forward to it. I appreciate how we've made these plans in advance, and how you've so sweetly fit me into your busy schedule.

I spend the day day-dreaming about what I'll wear, what you'll be like, and what we'll share together. I can't help but smile and step a little lighter - today is beautiful. A special someone has chosen me, and now we'll get to choose each other.

Time to get ready! I have a nice, long, hot shower, using the lovliest smelling body washes and shampoos - I know you'll want to get closer. Then I step out, ready to work on my hair and makeup. If you know Chloe you know that I like to keep it natural - just a little bit of makeup to enhance my features. I wear my hair down, loose, in fun waves. After carefully selecting the perfect outfit - appropriate, but just enough of a tease - it's off we go.

I step into my ride share and nervously text you that I'm on my way. It's all starting to feel very real - and it's very exciting! The driver and I make small talk, but all I can think about is who will spot who first and what sort of night we're going to have.

Then 3, 2, 1, and we're there. Maybe "there" is at a comedy show. Or a restaurant we've both been meaning to check out. Or something quirky and out there, like an arcade. Wherever we are, we're there together and that's all that matters. You hold my hand and rub my back, and I can't stop smiling.

Then, dessert. You know what happens here is just between you and I.

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