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On the holidays

I adore them. Wholeheartedly, 100%, Who style. I love a good theme, a good party, and the push to be extra giving - what's not to like? The holidays make me so happy. I'm all about the lights, wreaths, and holly, the ornaments and candy canes and eggnog. It's all so lovely and nostalgic for me, and I'm so grateful to share it with a variety of cutie pies every year. I feel like all the tinsel and glam of this holiday sets such a warm yet exciting mood!

The holiday season is campy as heck, and I love to participate. I love slutty elf costumes a la Mean Girls, and I love ugly Christmas sweaters. I love the crisp chilly air (as chilly as it gets here in Austin!) and I love being all cozy underneath several layers, whether we're talking clothes or sheets. I count down the days til I can actually use my fireplace - nothing gets my sense of hygge going quicker! Honestly, I even love X-mas music, all throughout the season (but this could be because I've never worked retail.)

I adore the candy canes and pine trees (I always have to have a real tree), as well as the multitude of options I have of giving back to my community. I love volunteering with my friends (if a sweetheart took me on a volunteering date, that would honestly be my favorite thing ever.) I love any season that is about joy and connecting and celebrating life and belonging, and the holidays really embody that for me in all their cheery boldness.

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