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On what I really like

I crave gentleness and kindness, beautiful little moments of true connection and shared authencity. Feeling free and comfortable to be totally myself, while you are totally yourself. The pure magic that simply happens when we are able to shed our personas and are disarmed by a warm smile, and a sweet touch.

I love laughter, being silly with you and not feeling self-conscious about it. I have a wonderful sense of humor, and pride myself on being able to bring out the same in others. If there's one thing I can guarantee it's that you will laugh with me, and perhaps feel lighter and more joyous than you have in a long while.

I live for passion and romance and fireworks. I want high emotion, I want everything we can be together. Our minds, bodies, and souls uniting for something excellent and altogether our own. Do you like the sparks and electricity too? Imagine the memories we could create together, the sort that can only be borne of two kindred souls, living on a live-wire.

Throughout my adventures I search for intimacy and tenderness, and the comfort of a carefully curated and loving space. Lets share secrets, tell each other how we really feel about this crazy world. It's a happy world and a sad one too, lovely and confusing and I'm not scared to be upfront about that, to be your confidant and trusted friend.

Above all I like you, and us, and everything we could be. You need only use your imagination, I'm a text away...

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