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On what I've learned in the industry

I've learned that you truly never know what's going to happen, good or bad. There's always something wonderful or awful around the corner, and you have to find balance in the chaos and ride the wave!

I've learned that people can be so much more surprising, generous, and lovely than I could've ever imagined. That I can connect with so many more people and build up a real sense of friendship and intimacy. That I can have all of these sweet "friends."

I've learned that there's nothing like getting to know someone over a long period of time, and getting closer and closer. Sharing my thoughts and dreams and hearing theirs, and becoming more comfortable with each other all the time.

I've learned how exciting it is to meet someone new and welcome them into the little slice of good-vibes-only heaven that is my incall. The trust involved is a rare and precious thing, and I will always cherish it.

I've learned that strong boundaries and speaking up for yourself are infinitely important, as is good communication for everyone involved. It's up to us to let each other know what we want and what we don't want, and to respectfully listen.

And lastly, I've learned to enjoy each moment of the present because it will all be a priceless memory someday. All of the hugs and kisses and laughter, I will go back to it in my mind time and time again.

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