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Little poems for you #1

i'm happiest with my legs wrapped around you

something sweet like birthday cake, something hot like the sun

anything i could say about your touch would be an understatement

i want you in every way & then some


thank you for coming into my life, and thank you for staying

i want to feel closer to you.

i want to be more spiritual in everything i do, i want to see with clearer eyes.

i want to be a better person, kinder and more patient.

i want to live and dance and breathe in your grace, i want to feel absolutely connected to the entire universe.


to the industry:

thank you for making me strong and beautiful and resilient.

thank you for making me smart and self-aware and responsible.

thank you for making me in your glorious warrior image.

thank you for making me able to see and feel everything that life has to offer - thank you for helping me delight in my senses.

thank you for making me tough and scrappy and resourceful.

thank you for helping me grow and grow each and every day, and stretch out my wings. thank you for helping me fly.

thank you for giving me peace and comfort.

thank you for the knowledge that we will always stand together, in love.

thank you for the knowledge that I am never alone, that I need not be lonely.

thank you for all of the nurturing you give me - thank you for the beautiful life we're building together.



is a wet-nosed angel. soft mouth, curious mind.

she is the love of my life.

i love to see her smile and prance around, confident and full of joy.

she experiences life to the fullest each and every day, and i'm so lucky i get to be the one to help her with that.

her guardian.

she is infinitely precious, my child. my sunshine.

we are inseparable. we are soulmates, we are absolutely one.

i love her to death.

i'm so grateful for her sweet, loving presence, each and every day.

i cherish every last strand of (shed!) hair, every little whisker.

she's my special little princess, and I would do anything for her. I

i'm listening to her sleepy noises right now, baby's dreaming of something. how lucky am I? to have this beautiful tiny creature following me around everywhere, eternally interested in everything i do. sharing in everything I do.

i am never alone as long as I've got her - we will always have each other, she and i.


i meet you golden-haired / Goddess

bright burnished gold, fiery and full of warmth.

you appear bursting with light, your pale face lit up from within.

your eyes are ocean blue, the ocean blue i love.

the ocean blue that says come play, come dance with the waves, come swim within my depths.

your cheeks are rosy, flushed, the best things in life happen when we're flushed.

your arms are always open, out stretched, longing to connect.

longing to touch, you have long, sensual fingers like me. you have pretty nails.

your body is soft and alive and full of wonder, you are feminine and magnificent.

you make me embrace the curves, the slopes, the beauty. you are beauty incarnate.

you are thick eyebrows and glittery gold eyeshadow and satin and wild animal nakedness... you are chocolate and pomegranate seeds and honey.

you please all of my senses, you are delicious.

i am so curious about you, and you are so infinitely multifaceted.

i could explore you forever.

you are not just the ocean but the world, the universe.

you are everything, Goddess. everything i play with, everything i dance with.


so damn lucky

the sun soaked beach was afire

lovers strolling side by side, grasping hands

they had all been there to witness us, deep in love

nothing left to long for

drinking ultra sweet juice out of coconuts

splish splashing around in the crystal clear water

we are young, what do we know?

our footprints great big indents in the sand

we are here, and that's all that could ever matter

nothing can be better, nothing can touch this

we are so damn lucky to be together.


flowers at last

the people look like flowers at last

and I am their sunshine.

i light them up and warm them to their core

their ever-helper and developer.

i am the goddess of fertility and i yawn entire wildernessness

raining down life and the pursuit of happiness.

i climb and scramble all over every living thing

a restless ivy attempting to touch everything i see

to re-claim it, to take credit for it.

no more jokes, no more making light of

you must know that I am the Beginning and the End,

you who look like flowers at last.


his calves

i miss the veins on his calves

i long for his big strong hands

i crave his easy laugh

i can’t do without his kind eyes

i yearn for the smell of him

the way he moves

to touch

to hold

to love

just one more time.

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