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On meeting new people

There's something so exhilirating about it isn't there, even when it makes you nervous? Hell, maybe especially when it makes you nervous! I've learned to honor the butterflies, the beat of excitement in my heart. There's something so special about that first time, the first embrace.

Who will show up at my door? Someone shy, someone bold? Someone who wants to linger and tends toward the sensual side of life, or someone who likes it short and sweet? Every experience is so unique, and much appreciated. I wholeheartedly believe that there's beauty to be found in every person, and meaning to be found in every interaction.

Who will we be together? Will we laugh together, or will we be quite serious? Will our intellects take over, or will we simply let our bodies talk? There are so many wonderful ways this could go, so many paths we could end up on. You plus me equals a big exciting question mark, and I quite like that.

What will we remember? Your hand in mine, or the delicious meal we shared? That joke you told me, or realizing we have the same hometown? It can be hard to say what will come to be the most memorable, but rest assured fond memories will remain. When you are deliberate about connecting and passionate about others, they always do!

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